Thursday, 30 May 2013

Thursday Update:

Today was a trip to Palmy day.  On the way up I was thinking I could actually drive the road with my eyes closed - not that I am actually ever planning to give it a try, I've done it so often now that I do find I'm on auto pilot.  I know I need to make sure I'm careful and stay alert - my Gordon Lightfoot CD helps with that :0)

I found Roy in good spirits but tired as he hadn't had his morning sleep yet and had had quite a busy morning.  Roy's blood pressure when he stands is slowly coming up but it still isn't completely right.  He still has lots of jerky spasms as well - interestingly most of which he doesn't actually feel.

After lunch Roy decided he really needed a sleep so I went and spoke with the doc.  As I suspected she really couldn't tell me a lot.  She thought Roy looked much better today than he had yesterday. Bloods have been taken again today and we will have the results of those tomorrow.  The doc suspects that the cancer has moved into the adrenal gland and that is why it is no longer doing what it's meant to be doing, she is hoping that the new steroid that has been introduced will help.

How things will go was also a hard question to answer - she suspects Roy will get tireder and sleep more and more.

We had a good talk and I didn't come away with all the answers but that's ok.

When I got back to Roy's room he was asleep and busily dreaming again.  It is actually really interesting to observe Roy while he is sleeping. At times he has his eyes open and seems to look at you but not see you.  Once he did see me and was a bit concerned that we were stuck in the middle of the road.  I assured him this was not the case and he seemed relieved and went back to sleep.  When the nurse came in to change the syringe in his pump he slept right through it, and she too was interested in watching him act out whatever it was that he was doing at the time - it looked like he was taking tablets.  My concern is that if these dreams become to 'real' that he could hurt himself by pulling out the syringe driver or suddenly starting to sleep walk.  I think this is something I might have to talk to the doc about tomorrow and she what she has to say.  We are still waiting to see the Radiation Oncologist so no progress there.

Sadly Roy is not coming home until after the weekend as they need to make sure he is stable before he can come home.  He is going to see the Physio sometime to talk about walking and tips for stairs.

It was really, really hard saying goodbye today, and because he slept most of the time I was there I felt a bit cheated - just as well I had my book with me.

When I got home the man was here waiting with the bed and other stuff.  He installed it all and I must say it fits quite well in the lounge and doesn't look too out of place.  Roy will get the morning sun and he has a nice view out the lounge window into the garden.  The bed is all made up and ready for when Roy can finally come home.  Not that he will need to be in bed all day, but I can see that that time will come.

Well I think that's all for today.  I'll try and write more tomorrow.

Hugs and blessings


  1. HUGE hugs, you are such a brave and inspiring lady so obviously full of LOVE xx your in our prayers (nic A)

  2. You are going through a lot, Jolanda. But it's clear: our Lord counterbalances the weight of your hardship with His word & presence! Praying for you, Pieter & Annette