Sunday, 5 May 2013

This past week has been amazingly busy and enjoyable.  We have the most amazing and loving wee grand-daughter (I'm a bit biased) and we really enjoyed having her come to visit with her Papa.
She had a great time esp with Jack our dog - and he was so amazingly good with her.

 She had story time with Opa and cuddles with her cousin Noah, and loved wearing Oma's glasses when we were out in the car.

What a blessing grand-children are.

Roy came home from the hospice on Tuesday.  I had to adjust to him being away and then to him being home again.  While he was there they found that he has internal bleeding so they have removed some meds and added some new ones.  He is still very tired and nods off easily because of the medication, but his pain is under control.  The district nurse comes everyday to replace the anti nausea syringe and we have good contact from the Hospice nurse.  The vomiting is still not under control and I'm not sure they will ever figure it out.  All in all life is ok, we take one day at a time.

Last Sunday we worshiped at the Baptist Church in Palmerston North and had an interesting message about how we are pilgrims in this life rather than tourists - although the pastor used Jesus life as an example in my book he didn't take it far enough, shame he didn't add the important bit - that Jesus pilgrimage lead to His death on the cross so that our pilgrimage can lead to eternal life if we accept Him as Lord of our life - that is the Gospel :0)

This week we also celebrated 2 birthdays - son Joel's and my Dad's - both on the same day and 55 years apart.  We could also finally let my parents in on a little secret that we had been keeping from them - that my Dad's sister is here from Holland to celebrate Mum and Dad's 50th wedding anniversary, which we will be doing next weekend with a family reunion.  Looking forward to seeing her on Tuesday and the rest of the family on Friday.  It should be an awesome weekend.  

Till next time.

Love and blessings

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