Monday, 27 May 2013

Monday Update:

Things can change so quickly in such a short time :0(

Roy is once again in the hospice.  He slept reasonably well last night with a lot less twitching, but still a lot of dreaming.  This morning he did everything he needed to do upstairs and together we tackled the stairs.  This didn't go as we had hoped and for safety sake he ended up going down the stairs on his bottom.  He might be frail and thin but he is still to heavy for me.

He decided to ring the hospice nurse to tell her what had happened over the weekend and it was decided to get him in to see the hospice doc and have another assessment done - so off up to Palmy we went.

Roy has a definite weakness in his right leg due we think to the tumour pressing on his sciatic nerve, this also tends to makes him lean a bit to the right when he walks.  The plan is to tweek his meds and see what they can do about the pain he is having in his right leg, so for the time being he will stay at the hospice.

I am thinking that in order for Roy to be able to come home some changes are going to have to be made to accommodate his new needs and we will be talking over some ideas tomorrow.  I'll let you know later in the week what we decide.

I am doing ok and now feel very much at peace after an initial wee melt down when I got home that brought my darling Mum and Dad running to my aid (bless them).  I hope to have a good nights sleep tonight and pray that Roy does too.

Blessings and hugs

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  1. He will uphold both of you, Jolanda! I'm very glad that your mum & dad were near. Was happy when I saw their car parked before your house yesterday afternoon - I knew you were comforted. Keeping on praying for you & yours. God bless! Grace & peace be unto you!