Monday, 17 March 2014

Tropical cyclone Lusi has been and gone and the damage wasn't bad at all down here where I live.  One of my trees has lost a number of branches and there are plenty of leaves and feijoas lying on the lawn, but otherwise all is well.  I did think at one stage the wind was going to take away part of my tin fence, but it was just the feijoa tree whacking against it.  I had stacked the outdoor furniture up just in case.  Last night we finally had a good amount to rain here in Levin - which the garden desperately needed.  It definitely isn't cold over the weekend, in fact last night it was a sleep under a sheet only night it was so warm.  Long may the warm weather continue as I'm sure not ready for winter yet.

I don't actually have a heck of a lot to write about to be honest.  My life isn't really that interesting anymore - do you really want to hear about how last week I did all the lawns, gardens and housework?  Or how I spent a day banishing the spiders from around the outside of the house by giving the house a good wash and then washing the windows as well inside and out?  No I guess not!!!

One really exciting thing that happened in the last week and a half was that grandson Noah turned one.  Yip the little man is one.  Where has the year gone??  He had a party on Saturday for his little friends and the family and he was really really spoilt.

Ryan and Ineke and Inge came for the night so they could be at the party too.  It was so cute seeing how protective and proud Inge is of her wee cousin Noah.  She told everyone that Noah was 'her' cousin.  She will miss him when she goes away.  It was a real blessing that the bad weather that was forecast because of Lusi was slow at arriving so we were able to spend a bit of time outside. 

The other 'exciting' (well not really) thing that happen is that my youngest son Joel broke his arm while playing twilight soccer on Thursday evening - landing hand down on the hard ground that has seen no rain for probably the last 2 or so months is only going to have one outcome - broken bones.  Apparently his wrist was bent like the kinky part of a fork - if you imagine the fork prongs being your fingers and the fork handle being your arm you'll get the picture.  He had a very, very, very long wait at the hospital and finally on early Friday afternoon the hospital staff got him sorted.  They had to numb Joel's arm and then they were literally pulling, twisting and tugging on his arm to get the bones realigned so they could put a cast on -  very yucky to watch or so daughter Aimee and Joel's girlfriend Tia said.  It makes my stomach all queasy just thinking about it.   Understandably he is/was in a lot of pain.  Joel will be in plaster for the next 6 weeks with no work for at least the next 2-3 and then hopefully light duties.  Thank goodness it's his right arm as he is left handed.  No more playing soccer for a while either.  He decided he needs a hobby as he is already feeling bored at the prospect of not being able to do much for the next few weeks.

None of my 3 job applications have come to anything.  I heard last week about the one I was really keen on and it too was a no goer.  I had a wee cry cause I felt really disappointed, but I'm ok about it now.  Something will eventually come up which is just perfect and in the meantime I trust that the Lord will supply my daily needs - which He does.  The Rawleigh business continues to flourish and I have even started to sell a bit more from my Jens Jems and Moppie range.

I am only sewing for Inge and Noah at the moment - I made Noah a lovely jacket for winter and I still need to make one for Inge.  I trialed a new pattern for a cape which turned out very well and Inge loves it esp as it has Nijntje (Miffy) on the back.  Here are some photos of her modeling it.

Speaking of photos I have 2 others to share. The one below is the stunning gift I received for my birthday which was made by my very talented friend Diana.  She makes miniatures and she made me a miniature sewing room and included in it all the things I like, even Jack features in it. It is super cute.

The other photo I will share is of me in my dress.  I have been umming and ahhing about whether to post it, but I did promise so here is is.  This is me with my  mum.  Excuse the sunnies but it was a very bright sunny afternoon.

 So there you go!!

The aqua jogging is still going great and I am loving it when I get there.  I have been managing to go 4 morning a week but it sure is very dark now at quarter to 6 when I get up.  Sometimes I am tempted to just roll over and go back to sleep, but amazingly I don't - not sure where this strong will power is coming from.  Maybe it's a needs must thing esp as there is no one here to encourage me to get up.  Having said that though Jack does have it worked out and when my alarm goes off he is usually sitting on my side of the bed as he knows the alarm also means it's breakfast time for him.  Nothing like a set of pleading eyes that say 'feed me' to get you up out of bed.  While the weather is still relatively 'warm' in the morning I will continue to get up and go to the pool - once winter sets in it might be a whole new kettle of fish!!

I had a thought the other day while sitting outside enjoying the beauty of God's creation.  It's a thought that some of you might find a bit strange or even hard to understand, but I guess for me it all part of the moving froward process.  It stuck me that I no longer grieve/mourn Roy's death - I feel great comfort in the knowledge that he is at home with the Lord and that he is not here doesn't make me sad anymore. Although I don't mourn for Roy I guess that selfishly I do sometimes mourn for myself and what I have lost and the emptiness that has been left in my life. I still miss him and I miss the things we had together and the things that I might never have again - I know that is part of the coming to terms with being alone, but it is the thing that I still struggle with the most. 

I have  recently been listening to sermons by Dr Timothy Keller and in one of his sermons he spoke about finding fulfillment in the Lord because He alone can satisfy my deepest needs.  I need to love the Lord more than anything else in my life.  Dr Keller talked about the Lord needing to be the spouse of my soul and His love for me needs to be the most important thing in my life.  I love that thought - that the Lord is the spouse of my soul.  That is so awesome.  Whether married or single the Lord needs to be the spouse of our soul.  We shouldn't look to our marriage spouse for the fulfillment that only the Lord can give.  We shouldn't have to 'change' to make our spouse feel fulfilled nor should we expect them to 'change' so we feel fulfilled, it isn't going to work the way we want and we will be constantly let down. When we truly look to the Lord for our fulfillment we can accept our marriage partner as God created them - flaws and all.  As singles we also need to look to the Lord for our fulfillment rather than pining for what we don't have.

Well on that note I'm going to call it a night (not literally) although I will going to bed early as it was an early (dark) start this morning and I want to catch up on some sleep.

Wishing you all a blessed week.

Love and hugs

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  1. Hi Jolanda,
    It's always helpful to read your blog - thank you for sharing your journey with us. Could you let me know the sermon by Tim Keller you mention above?
    Thank you!