Monday, 24 March 2014

They (you know those people who no-one knows who they are but who seem to know everything) say 'bad things' come in threes - well after the week I've had I should be all done for a while, not that I'm superstitious.  Two of the happenings aren't huge catastrophes but all 3 mean an outlay of some money to rectify the problem.  Something I could really do without just now.

On Thursday the first 'bad thing' happened - the large old desk lamp that I use to light my cutting table started to make some crackly sound whenever I turned the switch on and off - I took this to being a bad sign and unplugged the lamp in the hope that Dad might be able to cut out the old switch and put in a new one.  Unfortunately because it was an old lamp it had become a bit brittle and after some miss-handling (rather than man-handling) the lamp head broke out of it's plastic molding and is no longer fixable - it also no longer needed the switch changed and into the wheelie bin it went. I now have a brand new lamp in the same style but in a lovely lime green colour.

On Saturday the third bad thing happened - my jug decided to stop working.  Again not a biggie and at the moment I'm boiling water on the stove - the downside of that being that you shouldn't turn the pot on walk away and become distracted with something else because once the pot starts to boil it just keeps right on boiling and boiling and boiling!!!! Maybe I should buy a whistling kettle??

I'm guessing you're wondering what the 2nd 'bad thing' was!!  Well that happened on Friday morning.  Have you ever had one of those morning where you wake up and you contemplate getting up but your head tells you to stay in bed??  Well I had that sort of morning on Friday - I just wish I'd taken some notice. My alarm went off as usual at 5.45am so up I got to go to the pool.  All was going well till I went to back out of the garage - something I have successfully done many, many times till that morning.  I was a wee bit distracted and suddenly the air was filled with this terrible grinding and screeching of metal and I found myself up against the metal flashing of the garage door with the front left side of the car -I had turned too sharply while still in the garage and it honestly sounded like I had can opened the side of the car.  Thankfully it sounded way worse than the actual damage is, although there is a nice big dent near the light, the bumper is loose and there are a heap of scratches in the paintwork, some very deep.  Tomorrow I'll go see a panel beater (or 2) to see what the financial damage will be to get the car fixed.  Grrrr I was so mad at myself for being so stupid, it even ruined my swim :0(  I really should have stayed in bed!!!!!!

Apart from those 3 mis-adventures my week has otherwise been pretty good.  I have managed to sort out my house insurance with Mum and Dad's help.  We had to do a bit of measuring to work out the house size, they have recently done it for their house so knew what was all involved.  Even so it was all a little bit confusing to start with but we eventually got it sorted.  This week I have an appointment at the bank to see what sort of deal they can do for me insurance wise.

The job situation is very quiet- nothing in the paper or online that is appropriate for me at the moment and still no news re the funding for the English Language job.  I'm not worried but I do feel a bit disheartened and a bit like I'm drifting with no real course to follow.  It is a bit of an unsettling feeling really. I stay busy with the Rawleigh business and sewing plus the household things.  Sometimes when it is sunny I sit outside with my book and pretend I'm on holiday - I haven't has one of those in a while.

My rebel gene popped up again recently - it tends to happen every now and then resulting in me doing things like piercing my own ears as a teenager because I wanted extra holes, getting a tattoo when I turned 40 (a butterfly on my ankle) and then on Friday I got another.  I'd been thinking about it for a while and turning 50 seemed like a good time and reason to do it.  This time it's my favourite Bible text - John 3:16 and it's on the inside of my wrist. Did it hurt?  No not really although it's a bit itchy at the moment.  Would I do it again - probably, but I have no plans anytime soon.  The rebel gene is back under wraps for the time being ;0)

My veggie garden is slowing down. I will need to look into planting some winter veggies.  I think the beans have done their dash and the pepper plants are also slowing down.  The only thing still going strong is the silver-beet. Oh and I have 3 passionfruit plants that have just started to grow, probably from the compost.  I will eventually transplant them when they are bigger.  I don't really want them growing in the veggies garden.  The feijoa trees are starting to drop their fruit and there are heaps and heaps and heaps.  Happy to give them away if anyone wants some.

Wishing you all a blessed week.

Love and hugs

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