Wednesday, 5 March 2014

It's the beginning of March and it feels like winter has arrived - it is cold, wet and windy here today.  For the first time in more than probably 4 months I've put on socks and a sweatshirt - however I'm doing a Roy and still wearing shorts.  Anyone who knew Roy knows he was known for wearing shorts all year round.  My phone app tells me that tomorrow will be better and the day after will be even better so I haven't completely given up on a bit more summer.

I can honestly say that the week that has just been has been 'interesting' and I'm glad it's over!!

On Monday I looked after Noah as usual, however he was still not well.  He was off his food and slept a lot needing lots of Oma cuddles, which Oma was happy to provide.  That evening his Papa and Mama came down with the bug too.  I was still feeling fine.

At 6am on Tuesday morning I went swimming as usual.  Later that morning I had an appointment at the bank to talk about my mortgage - its fixed term is about to end and I wanted to talk about options.  However I soon discovered that nothing could be done until the property title had been changed as that was still in our joint names, so I rang the lawyer and they got that all sorted for me.  Yesterday I went in to sign on the dotted line and now it all belongs to me - cold comfort really and not something that I actually don't feel like celebrating as it is actually rather sad.  It is one of the last things that needed to be done.  Now I wait for the lawyers bill :0(

On Tuesday I also got asked to come for an interview the next day for a job I had applied for as Playgroup Manager for a Playgroup run by one of the local Churches.  On Wednesday morning I didn't go swimming because I woke up not feeling so great.  I thought it might just be butterflies because of the interview - but it wasn't.  I made it through my interview which actually went very well, however afterwards I still had the butterflies feeling - in fact every time I moved I felt like being sick.  I went home and lay on the couch for a while.  Lying down I felt fine but when I sat up the nausea hit with vengeance.  At 4pm I locked up the shop and house and went to bed and slept pretty much straight through until 7.30am the next day.  Oh I did get a phone call that evening to say that although I had interviewed very well and ticked all the boxes I didn't actually get the job but I was 2nd choice - I guess it was a boost in confidence to know that I'd done so well even if it's a bit of an odd feeling to be told you're 2nd best. I was actually too sick at the time to be upset and have since given it very little thought.

Being sick sucks, but having no-one to look after you sucks even more.  I haven't felt so sick and miserable in a long long time.  I thought I might get sick after Roy died (I'd heard of it happening to others) but I never did, maybe this was a delayed reaction.  Thursday is a bit of a blur - I know I didn't do much and I didn't eat much and I had a whooper of a headache - that was probably due to a lack of coffee.  The upside is that I lost 3kg - however I really don't recommend being sick as a weight loss program.  My appetite is still not great and it's more a matter of eating because I have too rather than because it's so appealing. Otherwise I feel fine.  I haven't been back to the pool yet either as I still feel very tired.  My immune system has obviously taken quite a hit with this bug. I hope to go to the pool again tomorrow as I sure am missing it.

On Friday I received the news that the husband of one of my dear sister chicks had been involved in a serious life changing motorbike accident the evening before.  What a shock it was to hear this news and my tears flowed for my dear friend and her hubby and family, even as I thanked the Lord for sparing  Bill's life.  The road they now have to travel will be hard and long but they have the assurance that the Lord will be with them and He will continue to uphold them and that He will graciously supply all they need every day. What greater comfort can you have than knowing that the Lord is on your side.  It is great to hear that although tired and in pain Bill is progressing well and has a positive spirit.

As I had recovered from my illness by Friday I headed up to Hastings as planned with Aimee and Noah to celebrate Inge's 3rd birthday. She was so excited to be having a party with all her friends although when they all arrived she was a little bit overwhelmed.  It was so nice seeing Inge and Noah interacting together.   We had a wonderful time however it was bitter sweet as this is probably the last time we will be able to celebrate Inge's birthdays with her for a while - at the end of April  Ryan, Ineke and Inge are off to England to live - indefinitely.  This is the news that I was not able to tell you about way back in December. Ryan had 4 teaching job offers and has accepted one at a school somewhere in Surrey.  I am very sad that they are going and will miss them very, very much - but this is something they feel they need to do, so then they should do it.  I need to entrust them into the Lord's care and trust that when the time is right that He will bring them safely home again to New Zealand.  In the meantime thank goodness for Skype!!

As if our emotions hadn't taken enough of a battering the last few weeks we were dealt another blow on Sunday night with the shocking and tragic news that Richard's younger brother had taken his own life that day.  Talk about stunned - it is one of those things you hear or read about but never expect to have it effect your own family even if it is indirectly.  I really missed Roy on Sunday night - he had always been the spiritual head of our family and it struck me as I prayed with and for Richard and Aimee that that mantle has now fallen on me.  It was a HUGE step out of my comfort zone to ask Richard and Aimee if it was ok if I prayed for them, I have never been the leader in those sorts of things, just the follower but I felt prompted to pray for them and am pleased I did it. Please pray for Richard and Aimee as they come to terms with this tragic loss.  May they find their strength and comfort in the Lord, esp as they struggle with what has happened.

On the job front things are still progressing slowly.  I just heard today that things are looking up in the funding department and we should know something within the next 3 weeks so that is good news.  I have also applied for a 20 hour work from home job which I am really, really keen on and I'm praying that the Lord will open this door for me.  Meanwhile the Rawleigh business is booming with heaps of sales lately so I'm kept pretty busy with that - God does provide, yet we forget that so quickly.

Well that is a brief overview of the 'interesting' week that I've had - there are plenty of prayer points in there that's for sure.

Oh before I go here is a very cute photo of my 2 favourite little people.  Inge was all dressed to go to a birthday party.  I love her rather sassy pose.

Till next time.

Love and blessings.

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