Sunday, 5 January 2014

I was not going to write about this anymore, but I just have too.

My lawn mower 'saga' continues, but now not only is it a saga but it has turned into a mystery as well!!

Just before Christmas one of my sons was going to mow the bank for me.  He first did the bottom lawn with no problems - the mower went like a charm, however once up on the bank the lawn mower wouldn't restart.  Yes there was petrol in the tank - I always check that before I do any lawn mowing now - I learnt that the hard way ;0)  The boys cleaned out the air filter and checked and cleaned the spark plug and still nothing.  It would run on the little bit of petrol available when primed and then stop.  It was put into the shed for a 'rest', in case it was just flooded but there was no improvement the next day.  Dad came to have a look but he was also mystified, so brother Ron was called in - he tried a few things he thought it might be but it still didn't go - oh if you kept pumping the prime button it went, but as soon as you stopped the mower did too.  So off the lawn mower went for a visit to Ron's place where he took the machine apart, cleaned everything, put in new petrol and put it back together - without leftover parts and it still doesn't go.  So now we are all mystified!!!!

Dad had a chat to one of the guy's from Church who knows about these things and he thinks it might be a blockage in the carburetor - hmmm I think that's right!!  Anyway it's apparently a 10 minute job to fix with some pressurized air - which I know has a special name but I can't remember what it is right at this moment!!

I'm just pleased that so far it has rained a lot so there hasn't actually been an opportunity to mow any lawns - mind you all we need is some warm sunny days and the grass will be off.  Dad is taking the mower in to be fixed tomorrow for me and we will see what happens.  It'll be either good news or not so good news!!

On the garden front - I love having a veggie garden.  I have harvested 2 meals of beans, lots of little cherry tomatoes which are just yummy, 3 cucumbers which are also yummy, the snap peas haven't produced yet but won't be far off and the silver-beet is ready to eat.  The lettuce went to seed because I didn't eat if fast enough and the spinach didn't come up - again - even though it was a new packet of seed. The pumpkin plant that came up in the compost is growing well and have flowers so hopefully it'll grow some pumpkins too.  The strawberries are continuing to produce, just enough for me and although last year I had an amazing crop on my red currant trees this year I managed to save, yes save about 10 berries because the birds ate the rest - I have had heaps of little wax-eyes enjoying the flowers in my feijoa trees and I think they found my red currants too. If the flowers on the feijoa trees are anything to go by I'll be in for a bumper crop this year, esp with all the rain we've been having - yum.

The downside of all those birds is that Pixie (the cat) seems to think that it's ok to bring them home for a visit and then she lets them go inside the house.  To date I have managed to rescue 3 birds and I can tell you it doesn't make your morning to come downstairs and find your dining room floor littered with feathers and you have no idea where the owner of those feathers has gone.  It amazing how many feathers a wee bird has.  I eventually found it in shock hiding under the wastepaper basket.  And don't get me started on the mice that she brings home!!  I'm not scared of them but I don't appreciate having to turn my house upside down trying to find them - although it does mean that the house gets a spring clean on a regular basis.

I know that in my last blog I wrote about trusting God with my future and not being worried about it and that is all still very true, but I must admit to feeling a bit out of sorts the last few days, a wee bit blue, well no not really blue because that's depressive and I don't feel depressed more unmotivated and a bit restless, a bit lost really.  I'm not really sure why - maybe it's a New Year's thing, maybe it's an uncertain of the future thing, maybe it's a weather thing - we've had a lot of rain lately or maybe it's a what am I going to do and where am I going thing.  I even feel unmotivated to sew which is a real worry - for me!!

Maybe what I need is another 'project' to focus on now that the decking is done, but I'm not sure what - I'd love to paint the walls in the lounge as I'm over the green.  I'm really not sure what I want and that is probably the problem.  I've lost my mojo and I need it back.  If you find it please send it home ;0)

I have now also run out of things to write so not only have I lost my mojo now I also have a mental block - hmmmmm I just can't win.  Time to go and read a book I think or maybe watch a movie.

I wish you all God's blessing this week and hopefully by next time I'll have removed the block and maybe even have my mojo back.

Till next time much love and hugs,

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