Sunday, 12 January 2014

I have had a very interesting week and I have discovered that the Lord definitely has a sense of humour.

In my last blog I wrote about the cat bringing home mice which she lets go in the house, and I also wrote about needing a project - well I think you know where this is going!!!!!!!  This week I've had both - mice and the project of catching mice!!

When I came down stairs into the dining room on Monday morning I found  the outside cushions were all in a heap and the cat looking intently at the book case and I thought - mouse!  I didn't have time to investigate further as I had places to be, so I left her too it.  When I finally got home at about 8.30pm the cat was still sitting in the dining room, now looking intently up at the curtain. And I thought hmm the mouse is still in the house!!  I carefully opened out the curtains and there sitting on the very top, hanging on for dear life was a tiny wee mouse.  As I reached up to grab it it slipped through my hand and disappeared under the bookcase with the cat hot on it's tail.  It was then that the fun and games began - it is amazing the small spaces that mice can get into and also how unhelpful a cat can be when it comes to catching a mouse.  Pixie finally did catch it only to let it go again - the mouse took off across the dining room floor and ran straight into the dog who also tried to catch it but missed.  The mouse high tailed it back under the bookcase with both the cat and the dog after it.  I must admit looking back now it was very funny to see the cat and the dog (who isn't a little dog) both cramming themselves under the bookcase because they could smell where the mouse was.  It took almost an hour (I was determined to catch the mouse before I went to bed) but with the use of a very sturdy knitting needle I finally managed to pry the mouse out of it's hiding place and catch it.  Both the cat and the dog wanted the mouse of course when they saw it dangling from my fingers - when children leave their toys laying around they get taken away and so it was for the cat. The mouse received some swimming lessons which it wasn't too happy about and now resided at the bottom of the wheelie bin ;0)  Drama over, furniture put back in place and order restored so off to bed I went - it had been a long day.

On Tuesday I had a visit from a very good friend from Wellington which was really nice.  It was so good to be able to spend time catching up, sharing and encouraging each other.  I have known Ann since our children were little and attended Playcentre together in Newlands, Wellington.  As she was leaving we saw the cat again staring at the bookshelf and Ann said - mouse, and I said surely not!!  Well I was wrong and Ann was right because there huddled under one of the outdoor cushions was a very  small stunned mouse. It was too stunned to run anywhere so it was easy to catch.  This mouse also received swimming lessons and now also resides at the bottom of the wheelie bin.  I'm on a roll  the score now sits at Jolanda - 2, cat - 0, mice - 0.  I am pleased to report that the rest of the week has been mouse free - thank goodness.  There are only so many free swimming lessons I'm willing to hand out ;0)  I am also thankful that I'm not scared of those sneaky wee critters.

On the lawn mower front I can now report that it is finally fixed and in working order.  It wasn't what was thought as the blow out with compressed air (yip I remembered what that was called) didn't help.  Apparently there was a hole somewhere which meant getting a new part, which took time - I don't really know the ins and outs, I'm just pleased to have a working lawn mower again. A HUGE thanks to Dad for making my lawns look presentable again.

The rest of the week has been pretty uneventful - I had some sewing orders to fill and send away, I wrote a letter that I felt the Lord had been prompting me to write and send. I did the washing and housework (so exciting but needs doing none the less!!) and tidied away all the Christmas stuff, pottered around in the garden and ok I admit it I also finished a book and started another one - I love a good read.  I have also started making some plans for my birthday next month -!! The weather hasn't been great but that seems to be the way summer is going this year.  There is nothing we can do about it so we just have to go with the flow.

There is no news on the job front yet.  The office officially opens tomorrow so I am hoping to hear something this week.  I am praying that the funding for the position comes through, and if not that the Lord will make clear where and what He wants me to do this year.  This year is a new page which is currently blank and I am looking forward to putting something on it.  Today a friend said it was onwards and upwards and he's right, there are exciting times ahead for me and I am ready to face my future whatever it might be and bring.  There are bound to be some 'stumbles' along the way but that's ok, I'll work through them, learn from them and become stronger because of them.

Today has been a busy, exciting and tiring day. I had took a road trip down to Wellington with Richard, Aimee and Noah and Roy's Mum.   My nephew (in law) was leading the service in the church where Roy and I spent the first almost 20 years of our married life - goodness that means I've been in Levin for 10 years already!!!!  Thanks Julian for an awesome sermon - God has given you a great gift, may He continue to bless you in the work you do for Him, and Melinda too - love you both lots.  It was wonderful to be back in my 'old stomping ground' and catch up with family and friends many of whom I haven't seen since Roy's funeral.  It made me just a wee bit homesick as I do miss all the lovely people down there - I don't however miss the traffic (which admittedly wasn't too bad today) and the weather, esp the wind - having said it's been pretty windy since we got home and I am hoping the shade sails over the deck are going to stay in place.

So that was the week that was - mouse excitement and all.  Oh before I forget I want to say a HUGE thank you to the mystery person who left a lovely and generous gift in my letterbox this week.  It was very timely and gratefully accepted.  Blessings.

I wish you all a blessed week. Till next time.

Love and hugs,

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