Saturday, 15 June 2013

It's been one week!  I guess this is the first of many little milestones that I now have to face.

The house is quieter now - Tim and Yvette and Ryan, Ineke and Inge all went home on Friday.  Aimee and Richard and Noah will be here till tomorrow and then it'll be just me, the dog and the cat.  When I go barking mad you'll know that I've been talking to the dog too long ;0)

Today I did my housework - I know to some this might sound crazy, but for me it's about regaining some control in my otherwise out of control life.  It actually felt good to do those mundane chores and it gave me some purpose for the day.

Aimee and I also started to tidy up the garage as I really want to be able to get the car inside again.  All the stuff that we used for markets earlier in the year has now been neatly stored away to be sorted at a later date.  We also added some things to the already big pile for the Arohanui Hospice Op shop to come and collect and we made another pile that needs to go to the tip.  A close encounter with a container of caustic soda whose lid wasn't on properly saw me making a mad dash to the nearest tap to wash the stuff off.  Boy that's nasty stuff, I have a few red patches on my arm that I missed when washing.

At the funeral it was mentioned that Roy loved to collect things - bottle tops, match boxes, stamps, coins, flags, pennants, old Rawleigh containers - what was not mentioned was he also collected, manila folders, ring-binders, partially used exercise books (handy for scrap paper) old unused diaries (handy for note taking) and paper - but not just any paper - no this paper includes old bills, receipts, letters, newsletters, instruction manuals and much much more.  In all honestly I am very, very tempted to file it all under R for rubbish and set it alight, however I've been advised not to do so as I need to sort out all the papers relating to the business or the tax man may not be too happy.  One of these days all that paper and I are going to have an encounter and I'm pretty confident that I'll come out on top, however should that not be the case the match option is always still a possibility, after all accidents do happen!!  ;0)

Tomorrow we plan to go to Church - I know it'll be hard, but I need to take that step (another first one alone) sometime and it'll be a bit easier to do it with the support of family. Having seen most of my Church family at the funeral helps too.

After I wrote yesterdays blog I felt this huge sense of peace - I think it was the fact that I had put my thoughts down and it helped to clear my head and sort out how I am feeling.

Thanks to all who continue to read what I write and for your words of encouragement to keep it up.

Wishing you a blessed Lord's day.

Love and hugs,

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