Sunday, 16 June 2013

Now it's just me, the dog and the cat!

Today Richard and Aimee and Noah headed home and it was suddenly very quiet here.  Boy I make it sound like Roy was always making lots of noise which he wasn't, but the last week has been pretty busy so the quiet is noticeable.

I had a bit of a cry after they left but it didn't last long as I received some visitors who stayed for dinner and a lovely long therapeutic chat and I had a phone call from my SIL. Thanks guys.  It is so good to share memories, thoughts and feelings with people who care.

This morning I did go to church which was hard but very good. Thanks Pastor John for another awesome sermon.  It was a first step.  The will be lots of firsts coming up and I'll face each one as they come and with the Lord's help.  Some will be easier than others I'm sure, but they will all have to be faced.  I can't just hid in bed and ignore the rest of my life - as much as that idea does appeal esp on a cold and wet day like today.  God will direct my steps and He will give me only as much as I can handle at any given time.  I can trust Him with my future.

Well I'm going to have an early night to catch up on some much needed sleep.  Tomorrow is going to be a busy day - a visit to Winz, an afternoon out with very dear friends and then dinner out to round off the day.

Oh in case any of you are interested caustic soda isn't good for your skin even if you think you've washed it off in time - the skin on my hands has gone all flaky and yuck :0(  I'm going to need lots of hand cream I think.

Sleep well all.

Love and blessings

The following was on the program that we put together for Roy's funeral.

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