Monday, 5 May 2014

What is it with Monday's and rain????  This is the 3rd Monday in a row that I've had to travel home from Palmy in atrocious weather.  Not only is it getting dark earlier, but it has also been teeming with rain each time.  Maybe next week will be better.  I don't mind rain but the combination of darkness and rain makes driving a bit harder going.

The last two weeks  have been very busy - mainly with visitors.  The week after Easter my sis came to stay for a couple of nights.  It was only going to be one night at first but her children and I convinced her that she really, really needed to stay another night, which she did. We had an awesome time catching up, chatting, laughing and some tears too.  We went out for dinner and a movie, did some shopping (read looking not spending) and lunch, then home to watch some dvd's - the weather was pretty miserable so it was wonderful to do nothing.  I tried to be a good influence on her and asked her to come aqua jogging with me but she had conveniently left her togs at home!  She on the other hand is not such a good influence on me (just kidding) as together we polished off a lovely bottle of Moscato wine.  I'm not a big drinker and let me just say that after 2 glasses of wine I had that night I felt like someone had poured concrete into my legs and all I wanted to do was curl up on the couch and go to sleep - I really am hopeless!!!!  I slept really well that night, not that I have any trouble sleeping - usually.

Speaking of being drunk (not that I was) Noah is walking, he is doing pretty well although does tend to still lurch a bit like a wee drunkard - so cute to watch.  He is fine if he is going in one direction and hasn't quite got the turning part worked out yet, he tends to fall over and then continues on his knees rather than crawling.  Before we know it he'll be running all over the place.

On the Friday my sis went home and I spent the weekend alone, doing housework and getting ready for the next lot of visitors who arrived on Monday evening - they were my brother and sister in law from Australia and for one night my sister in law from Lower Hutt.  The Aussie's had been down in Christchurch visiting their daughter and then came up here for a week to visit Dad N and help get Dad and Mum N's house sorted out and ready to sell.  Unfortunately they only had limited visits with Dad N as the rest home was in lock down due to the tummy bug. The sorting went pretty well, although it's still not finished because it's a big job.

Last week I  had another job interview - actually I got asked to come in for a chat.  It was for a part time receptionist position, which would eventually become full time - however during the 'chat' I found out that they are actually after a full timer asap.  The chat went very well however afterwards I felt very emotional - mainly because of the feelings that were re-awakened - my head was telling me to take the job if it is offered but my heart was reacting completely differently.  The thought of loosing the freedom I currently have is very daunting and yet I would be gaining financial freedom which would be a very good thing.  I realize that working full time is a necessity because there is no one else to bring in the money and there in lies the emotional part - it is the reality of being in this position because Roy is no longer here, I hate it and it's scary but it's a fact that can't be changed but it did re-open those darn wounds again.  I haven't had a full time job outside the home since before I got married (that's 30 years ago).  Once the children began to arrive on the scene I became a stay at home Mum and eventually did work full time caring for 4 other children who pretty much became part of the family - amazingly during school holiday's I'd have 8 children in the house!!  When the children were older and had started to leave home I worked part time as a teacher's aide but gave that up when Roy got really sick.  I know that eventually I will need to have full time work and maybe sooner rather than later is a good thing - got to bite the bullet some time.  But is it too early, after all it hasn't even been a year yet since Roy died and yet it seems like a life time ago that he was here??  I still feel conflicted, it definitely hasn't been a wahoo I've got a job (maybe) moment.  In fact not any excitement at all!!  After much thought and prayer I have let the people know which days I am currently available should they be interested in offering me the position, at this point I am not yet willing to give up my day of looking after Noah, nor the 1 possibly 2 mornings I work at my other job (which I really really love and definitely feel wahoo about), so now the ball is in their court so to speak and I am waiting to hear whether it is going to work for them.  I'll keep you posted.

On Saturday we had a family dinner in celebration of my Dad and youngest son Joel's birthdays.  They were both born on the same day just 55 years apart.  We had a gourmetten evening - everyone has their own small fry pan and you cook your own meat and veges.  It's so much fun and very yummy.  Here's a photo of what a gourmetten set looks like.

So that was a quick highlight of my very busy two weeks.  I'm looking forward to this coming week and I'll tell you all about it next time.

Keep safe and stay warm for those of us heading into cooler days.

Till next time.

Love and blessings

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