Monday, 12 May 2014

I feel like I've been living in a bubble this past week and today have suddenly come crashing back to reality.  My bubble goes by another name and that it's called 'being on holiday' - that time when you de-stress and all the worries,care, decisions and bills that make up your normal daily life are put on hold temporarily.  I have just spent a wonderful week (almost) in Christchurch visiting Tim and Yvette, other family and friends.  I had an awesome if busy time away and sadly it flew by as holidays always seem to do. For those I didn't get to see I'm sorry I just ran out of time - maybe next time!!  I want to say a BIG thank you to my wonderful niece Karen for shouting me the trip.  Love you big time hun.

While I was in Christchurch I was able to help Tim and Yvette out with their shift into their first home.  Wednesday afternoon was spent cleaning the new house - it really needed it and smelt and looked way better by the time we were done.   On Thursday I spent most of the day with my dear friend Janice.  We had a wonderful time shopping did lots of chatting, laughing and catching up and no one had a headache (last time I was in Christchurch our day out together was cut short due to Janice having a sever migraine).  I also joined Arie and Janice at a Rotary dinner which was very nice.  I want to say a HUGE thank you to Arie and Janice for their kindness and generosity towards the cost of getting my car fixed.  I am truly blessed. Thank you, thank you, thank you.  Love you both heaps.

On Friday I spent the morning doing the Church bulletin (what a blessing to have a laptop and the internet) and then I spent the afternoon/evening with my cousin Femmy and her family.  We had  lunch at the mall, a lovely walk in Riccarton bush and then dinner at her place - it was another wonderful time of sharing, laughing, some tears and lots of encouraging each other.  Saturday was moving day.  Tim and Yvette didn't own much furniture as their rented property was furnished, but it meant we needed to pack up the kitchen, clean it and then unpack the items that belonged in the house.  We managed to get everything done and out of the house by 12.30 which was great.  Over this past week I have cleaned 2 kitchens and 2 fridges - I had been thinking mine could do with a clean but I'll leave it for a few weeks I think.  Yvette and I left Tim to clean the carpet and headed off to Yvette's baby shower which was an wonderful afternoon.  Baby Nugteren will be a well dressed wee lad when he arrives in June ;0)

Sunday was my last day in Christchurch.  I went to Church in Bishopdale with niece Melinda and nephew-in-law Julian.  The service was great and it was nice to afterwards catch up with friends I might otherwise not have seen.  The rest of the day I 'hung out' with Tim and Yvette and helped unpack the kitchen a bit.  When you shift organising your kitchen is always the worst job I reckon cause nothing seems to fit like in the old one.  It always takes time to get it just right.

Having helped Tim and Yvette shift got me thinking to how many times Roy and I had shifted since we got married and it come to 8 times - wow and before I got married I had already shifted 8 times so in total I have shifted 16 times - amazing!!!!!!!  No plans to shift again anytime soon but you never know.  The problem is each time you buy a bigger house which means more space for more stuff - it's amazing how quickly you accumulate things.

The flight home was very smooth and I arrived back in Palmerston North to find Aimee waiting to pick me up.  While we were waiting to pay for the car park a lady came up to me and asked if I was Jolanda, when I said yes she said her name and it was a friend from High School who I hadn't seen since I'd left school.  I wouldn't have recognised her, but she did me which means I haven't changed much in the last 30 odd years - is that a good thing????  We had a quick catch-up in the cold car park and hopefully will touch base through Facebook and maybe get together sometime as she lives in Palmy.  It was a really lovely surprise.

I stayed the night at Aimee's so I could look after Noah today - silly to drive home only to drive back the next morning.  Noah is walking really well now and chatters a lot too - not that we can understand him but that will come eventually - I think he'll be a real talker once he finds the words.  This afternoon I drove home again in the rain!!!  This time it wasn't dark though as Richard had had an early start this morning so finished early.  Jack was very happy to see me and Joel came around for dinner which was nice.  My suitcase is all unpacked and the washing is on.

Tomorrow morning I have to work and then I'll spend the afternoon catching up on business 'stuff' that has piled up while I was away.  My boss is away this week so hopefully he has left some things for me to do.  Last week he was away too and I had a bit of a blonde moment - when I got to work I realised that I'd left the key to unlock the office at home so I had to go home and get it - thank goodness Levin isn't too big.  I will be better prepared this week.

The job I wrote about last week has not come to anything due to them not being able to accommodate the hours I had available.  I am actually ok about it.  Tomorrow I will have a chat with the lady from Group Special Ed to let her know what hours I have available and see what she has on her books for teacher aide work.  It will all work out I'm sure - God has a plan and I take comfort in that.

I had a lovely letter with photos from Ryan and Ineke today.  Their trip went very well and they seem to be settling in quite well in England.

I think tonight will be an early night - I am looking forward to sleeping in my own bed again and I am planning to be up early tomorrow so I can go swimming again.  It's been a whole week since I last went and although I am looking forward to going again it was nice to sleep in while I was on holiday.

Well that's it for another edition.  Until next time have a wonderful week and God bless.


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