Monday, 7 April 2014

I have a bit of a heavy heart at the moment. Goodbyes are so hard.  I have just had a lovely weekend in Hastings along with my Mum and Dad, my sister and her daughter, we had wonderful family time but it was so hard and sad to say goodbye to Ryan, Ineke and Inge knowing that I won't be seeing them again for a long time - well December actually as they plan to be back then for the wedding of one of Ineke's brothers.  Funny really for although it feels like the year is flying by - we're a quarter of the way through already - yet December seems so far away. On Sunday afternoon the goodbyes were said, the tears flowed, the hugs and cuddles were given and the last waves were waved and just like that life has changed - again.  So for a few days I'll be a bit sad when I think about them and probably the actual departure day later this month will be hard but I know for a fact that they are safe in the Lord's hands and that He has plans for them and for me.  And I pray that one day I'll  be financial enough to be able to go and visit should they still be living in England but that too I leave in the Lord's hands.

In the meantime I will enjoy the blessings I have - my handsome wee man Noah who has just learnt to give kisses and loves to share them and the arrival of new grandchild in June, maybe even a trip or 2 down to Christchurch will be on the cards soon too.  We'll see.

These past 2 weeks have been pretty busy - I got my mortgage all sorted with the bank and am happy with what they have been able to offer me as a longstanding customer.  I have also sorted out my house insurance and now also have content insurance.  Roy had canceled our policy a number of years ago because he reckoned we had nothing of value to insure, but I decided to take it out again although only a small one just so at least I get something should I loose the whole lot.

I have had some quotes to get the car fixed and it is looking to be a pricier job than I'd thought - not that I know a lot about these things.  It looks like I'll be putting in an insurance claim, but first I need to save some money to cover the excess that I'll have to pay.  Thankfully I don't loose my no claims bonus as I have one for life - that is a blessing. The car is costing me a bit at the moment - it needed 2 litres of oil before I went to Hastings (note to self to check this a bit more regularly) and now it has blown a headlight bulb. If it's not one thing it's another :0(

The other thing I've done since I last wrote was make a trip down to Wellington with my Mum and Dad for the opening after the alterations to the Reformed Church of Wellington building.  All I can say is amazing!!  The building looks amazing.  What a difference and what an improvement. What I was amazed about was how small the actual footprint of the stage in the upstairs hall was - it always seemed so much bigger when we were using it for Sunday School plays.  It was wonderful to be able to catch up with Wellington church friends (many who are more like family than just dear friends) and we also popped in to see my sis and her family before heading home.  Thank goodness I don't go to Wellington for the weather as it's never so great when I seem to be there, but it really was a wonderful day out.

I  have had good news on the job front.  The funding has finally come through for the job I was doing in the later part of last year and I start again on Wednesday. It is still only one half day a week but I am so pleased to be starting again.  I have also contacted the lady from Group Special Ed, I used to do Teacher Aide work for them before Roy got sick.  She is going to get all the forms sent out that need to be filled in and then I'll be on their books again should something appropriate come up.  As jobs come up that appeal I apply for them and eventually I'll get the one that is just perfect for me - whatever that might be.  In the meantime I trust that the Lord will supply all my needs - spiritually, emotionally, financially and physically.

I was reading an article last week in which the author talked about being in the 'in between' time.  I like the sound of that and I think that's where I'm at at the moment.  The 'in between' is the waiting time - we know something is going to happen but we're just not sure when and sometimes even what!  I think most of us are probably in the 'in between' of something right now.  In fact that's life - it's lots of 'in between' times all joined together.  But for those of us who believe in the saving grace of the Lord Jesus Christ we are definitely in the 'in between' for our hearts desire is to spend eternity for our Lord and Saviour and yet we wait here on earth for that time to come.

The 'in between' time is actually a hard time as we're not really all that good at waiting on the Lord, we tend to get a bit antsy, we want to be in control.  What we're very good at is getting impatient and grumbling.  We want to know right now what the future holds for us and what the Lord's plans are for our lives. Can't He spell it all out for us in black and white!!??  Can't we make a few suggested about how we'd like it to be??!!  I know I'd sure like to know what my future holds - what job does He have planned for me, will I live where I'm living forever, will my business continue to grow, will I live alone for the rest of my life, how many grandchild will I have??????  Thankfully the future belongs to the Lord and He will reveal it when His time is right.  He is faithful, He keeps His promises and He looks after His family.  Even so the 'in between' is not about sitting back on our hands and 'waiting' for something to happen, we need to be an active part of the process.  We need to step outside our comfort zone, we need to live lives that reflect the Lord we serve and love.  We need to be actively striving towards our goals - accepting the doors that are closed, we pray, we knock and we wait for new doors to open.

Well I think that's about it for now.  I must say I am feeling a bit tired - the extra hours sleep with the change in daylight saving hasn't actually helped, mind you I did do a lot of driving this weekend - not that I minded but it is tiring.  I am looking forward to sleeping in my own bed tonight.  Hmmmmm does that mean I'm getting old and set in my ways??????????

Till next time.

Love and blessings


  1. Awww! That's very touching. I’m glad to hear that life has been treating you well, with the help of your insurance. It's also nice that you've settled the insurance of your house. However, it’s quite lonely to read about the longing you feel because you're separated again from your family living in England. Anyway, I admire your optimism and strong personality, Jolanda. Thank you for sharing your thoughts! All the best to you and to your family!

    Joshua Duncan @ Focus Insurance Atlanta

  2. How touching! I can tell how awful you must have felt when you were saying goodbye to your family. I'm at least glad December has already come and passed, and that you were able to etch new memories with them over the holidays. At any rate, I'm glad you were planning on filing an insurance claim. It's always nice to have one ready for use whenever turmoil hits, right? Keep us posted for more updates, Jolanda. Take care always! :)

    Steven Keltsch @ Allied Insurance Managers, Inc.