Sunday, 27 October 2013

Do you ever find that your head gets so full of 'stuff' that it feels like there isn't any room left.  That's a bit how I feel this week - so much 'stuff' to think about and process that I am feeling a bit mentally exhausted.  Not having someone here to bounce ideas off, discuss and share things with is really hard and quite tiring.  I think we can often take for granted having someone in our lives to share with - be it ideas, our day, our concerns, the housework/gardening, what to have for dinner, where to go on holiday, whether or not to buy this or that or even the simple thing of who is going to shower first.  I miss that very much.  Now the buck stops with me!!  Amazingly I am still sleeping really well at night and not working through stuff in my sleep.  What a blessing or I'd be also saying I was physically tired.

On Tuesday I dropped in my signed contract and arranged to start my new job on Wednesday, although normally I will be working on a Tuesday.  It was very exciting and scary at the same time.  I also went to the doc that day to get for a general check up and had my blood pressure taken - amazingly it was fine so I have a clean bill of health.  Praise the Lord.

On Wednesday I started my new job and it was great.  I really enjoyed it.  Plenty to learn and plenty to organise but that's ok.  I also applied for another part time Office Admin job this week with negotiable hours, but I haven't heard anything back from that one yet.  I am finding that the week flies by and I need to still find my rhythm so that I get everything that I need to do done.

After work (haha it feels good to write that) I went to have lunch with Mum and Dad and then I had to go to my Winz seminar on writing a cover letter and CV.  The seminar took all of 20 mins - they handed out some info sheets on how to write your CV and cover letter, talked through them and said if anyone needed a hand to let them know.  There were 5 of us at the seminar, well 6 actually but the other female had her day wrong and was supposed to be there the day before so she didn't stay.  I was pleased to get it done and the good news is that I don't have to go to anymore as I have a job, even if it is only part time job at this stage - yippppeeeeeeee!!!!!  The lady who took the seminar was very, very nice and I had a lovely chat with her afterwards - it just goes to show that there are humans working at Winz after all.

On Wednesday evening I went along to Bible Study.  We are doing a study series on Parables and the one we did was the wise and foolish virgins and being ready for the Lord's return.  It was very interesting and we had some good discussion.  Whether the Lord returns in my life time is actually not something I've thought about much or I'm definitely not worried about.  Should I die before His return that's a win and should He return before I die that's also a win - win win either way - my 'job' in the meantime is to live my life in a way that brings glory and honor to Him.  I need to let my light shine ...... so that my Father in heaven will be glorified - Matthew 5:16.

The weather this past week hasn't been great - lots of rain and wind.  Definitely over the wind.  Yesterday was beautiful however, even if it was still windy, so I spent the day outside.  I am really getting the hang of this lawn mowing thing.  I also did all the lawn edges and around the pavers that are in the lawn so they look square again.  All in all the grounds are looking great.  The seeds I planted a few weeks ago aren't doing so well however with only lettuce and radishes having come up.  I think I better buy some new seed or go to the garden centre and get some plants of the things I want.  Dad came and put a new board in front of the compost bin to keep Jack out.  This week he managed to climb into the compost bin after I had emptied the scrap container. When he was done he came back inside and I had mucky paw print stains all over the carpet  - grrrrrrrrrrrr I was not impressed.   I can definitely recommend the Freedom brand of carpet cleaner. :0)

Tomorrow, after a sleep in and if the weather is fine I plan to do some water blasting.  My paths around the back are pretty slippery when it's wet so it's time to give them a clean.  I LOVE waterblasting and I have plenty of concrete so I'll be busy for a while.  I would really love to do the drive way too but that is a HUGE job so we'll see how we get on.  I have to keep in mind not to over do it as I have to work the next day and need to be able to move - lol!!

I think my cat is starting to get a bit neurotic - the poor thing is being hassled by birds.  Yip that's right birds.  My neighbour has a huge Rhododendron tree in her back garden and living in that tree is a pair of thrushes who must return every year and have a nest in the tree.  When the cat is outside the birds sit on the fence squawking and flapping their wings at her.  This morning she was sitting inside enjoying the sun and the birds came right up onto the deck squawking and carrying on.  It was actually very funny to watch, although the cat didn't seem to impressed - she kept making these funny noises and flicking her tail.  Those birds better watch out.  Last year they got so noisy the neighbour set the hose on them to try and scare them away - it didn't work.

Funnily I now find I self correct myself when I am writing or talking - where once I talked/wrote about we, us and our; I find I have now started to change to I, me, my and mine.  I guess it's another step in the moving forward process.

While looking for a quote to put in a sympathy card this week I came across the following quote by Kahlil Gibran which I thought was quite nice.

"When you are sorrowful look again in your heart and you shall see that in truth you are weeping for that which has been your delight."

Till next time.

Love and blessings

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