Wednesday, 3 April 2013

Today we had our visit with the Oncologist to get the results of the scan that was done last week.

The results are as we already kinda expected - the cancer is spreading.  It is now present in more nodes and the lump in Roy's neck is growing.

The Oncologist has given us 2 options:

* Have a course of a different chemo drug that might only have a 20% chance of making any difference. It would be 3 weeks on (1 day a week) and 1 week off.  Side effects - allergic reaction, hair thinning, feeling sick, tired, sore and achy muscles.


* Do nothing.

Wow!!!!!!!!!  Glup!!!!!   What to do?????

We are taking some time to pray and think about what to do.  At this stage we are leaning towards at least giving the chemo a go - as our youngest said why wouldn't you??  And he's right what have we got to loose????  We are now at the quality verse quantity stage.

What is so amazing (well maybe not) is that I feel very much at peace - thank you to all those who are holding us up to the Throne of Grace in prayer.  God is good and faithful and we feel His comfort and strength.

On the house front - we have 2 people wanting to come through to have a look - praying for a buyer ;0)

Till next time.


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