Tuesday, 3 June 2014

I started this post yesterday, but it didn't really flow so I decided to leave it and try again today (Tuesday).  I was feeling a bit discombobulated yesterday - I'm not really sure why, although I am starting to suspect that the trip to Wellington may have had something to do with it.  I may have to test my theory but popping down that way again soon.

On Sunday we (Aimee, Richard, Noah and I) went down to Wellington for the day - the weather there was stunning with not a breath of wind.  We went to church first - always wonderful to catch up with the lovely people at the Reformed Church of Wellington, many who hold a very special place in my heart - hence why I think I feel a bit unsettled. :0(  After church we went to Jesse and Hannah's for lunch before going to see Dad N to celebrate his 89th birthday.  He seems to be settling in well in the new rest home and it was lovely to have been able to spend an hour or so with him on his special day.  The rest home had set up an area for us in the dinning room and had even provided afternoon tea which was really nice.

The past week has gone well.  I started my teacher aide job at Kindy on a very, very cold Wednesday morning last week.  After 2 hours of being outside I was frozen stiff - it always amazes me how children don't feel the cold and run around on bare feet and in T-shirts with snotty noses.  My kidney's ache just thinking about it. It took me ages to warm up once I got home.  I have decided to take some immune booster cause I see my self being sick come the next school holidays - that's how it's always gone in the past when I worked at Kindy.  I think the little girl and I will get on fine once she gets used to me.  For the time being her Dad will be staying too which is ok.  On Friday she wasn't there but I had a meeting with the Group Special Ed coordinator and have also spoken to one of the Kindy teachers to see if there will be things for me to do on the days then the child is away  because otherwise I feel a bit like a fifth wheel in a center already overrun by teachers and parent helpers.  Time will tell how this will all work out and as it is not a permanent position I continue to apply for jobs.  In fact today I have applied for 2 more jobs.  I'll keep you posted.

On Thursday and Friday afternoons Noah came to visit while his mama and papa were working on the cakes they are making for a competition. Noah is a happy wee chappy who brightens my day and keeps me on my toes.  It is amazing watching a young child develop, explore and grow in understanding about the world they live in. Maybe we have more time to enjoy these stages with our grandchildren than we did with our own children because then we were so busy raising them.

It was nice on Sat to be able to pottered around home - I did some baking to take down to Wellington, caught up on the washing and even did some sewing as I had an order for an apron which still needed to be made -  the sewing went well and has helped me feel inspired to sew again - I've found my sewing mojo it was hiding under a pile of fabric!!  At 4pm I decided to mow the back lawn as it was getting a bit long - it started as an I'll just do this one piece cause it's the longest but quickly progresses to just doing this piece, then that piece and before I knew it I'd done the whole back lawn.  Of course it's never as simple as just quickly mowing the lawn - first I have to pooper scoop (the joys of having a dog!!) and then I have to pick up all the lemons and oranges that keep falling off the trees - they aren't good for the compost as it become to acidic or so I've been told.  Then  when I'm all done, because I have been well taught by my Dad, the lawn mower and the catcher got a hose out so they go away clean. Buy 5 o'clock I was all done and very happy with the way everything was looking. Leftovers for dinner - that's one thing I really hate, cooking for one.  I often still make too much and usually I have no idea what to make.  I'm not a very adventurous cook really.

I have finally had a Skype session with Ryan, Ineke and Inge which was really nice.  It was great to hear how things were going for them over in England and to spend some time chatting with them.  Roll on Dec when they will be back.

Yesterday I looked after Noah at my place instead of at his as Aimee and Richard needed to continue working on the competition cakes with the help of Richard's Nana.  These cakes are going to be a-mazing if the sewing machine cake I got for my birthday is anything to go by.  When I'm allowed I'll post some photos.

I think I might have overdone it while aqua-jogging this morning and I now have an achy shoulder blade.  I could really do with a massage right now to work out the knot.  I might just have to heat a wheat pack and use that instead since there are no handy hands to help out.

Well I'm off to do some crochet - I have a baby shawl to finish before baby Nugteren makes his appearance.  Then next on my list is to finish the birth sample cross stitch for Noah that way I can start the one for baby Nugteren - plenty to do.

Thanks to those who continue to take the time to read what I write.  Have a great week and let your light sign.

Love and blessings


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