Sunday, 8 September 2013

I'm in love ;-)

Yip you read that right that's definitely what I wrote.

Want me to spell it out for you??


Some of you will be shocked I'm sure to read this, probably thinking - wow that's quick, but when it's right, it's right and this girl knows that it's right.

I'm in love with ......................................???????????????

My new lawn mower - had you all going there for a moment didn't I - lol!!!!

On Monday I tried out my new lawn mower and it's wonderful.  It was hard work as the lawn was pretty long so I had to empty the catcher a lot, but together we (the mower and I)  did an awesome job with the lawn looking pretty good by the time we were done.  The only bit I didn't end up doing as I didn't have any energy left was the bank.  Thanks Hil for coming and doing that piece for me.

On Monday I also finally constructed the fence to keep Jack out of the veggie garden.  I had to use some Kiwi ingenuity as I discovered that the windbreak cloth was actually too short.  Six old cricket wickets and some twine came in very handy to fill in the gaps.  So far it has not only kept Jack out but also stood up to the wind we've been having the last few days.  I'm pretty proud of myself.  Job well done :-)

My dog proof veggie garden and the nicely mown lawn

Monday was a glorious day weather wise and since the forecast for the rest of the week wasn't great I decided to get as much done outside as I could.  It actually felt really good to start the week with some physical activity.

As I was working away on Monday this really random thought popped into my head.  Now I want to let you in on a wee secret - I'm a romantic - always have been and always will be and I have always loved fairy tales, my favourite being Cinderella.  It struck me on Monday as I was mowing the lawn that Cinderella worked hard until her prince came to 'rescue' her, while the other 2 well known princess - Snow White and Sleeping Beauty slept (did nothing) until their prince came along.  Maybe that's why Cinderella has always appealed - she worked hard because she had too, she had no choice.  Likewise I have a choice - I can do nothing and mope or I can be pro-active and work hard and get on with life.  Now don't get me wrong I'm not expecting a prince to turn up anytime soon.  My prince has been and gone to live in the eternal palace of the King. But on the other hand a girl can dream can't she?!!  See told you I was a romantic ;-)

After the busy Monday the rest of the week has flown by with customers to visit to drop off Rawleigh orders, errands to run, friends to help out, organise heaps of items to list on TradeMe, walks at the dog park and finally some afternoons of sewing.  Yes finally some sewing.

Oh it felt very, very good to get back behind my sewing machine.  I have been very creative this week and made some very cute little girls dresses for my new summer collection.  I am feeling very inspired at the moment.  Hopefully it lasts.

Incase you're wondering along with being an Independant Rawleigh Distributor I also run my own business' sewing 'stuff'. My business name is JeN's Jems - under this label I sew mainly peg aprons, full aprons and plastic bag holders.  I also sew under the label Moppie which is my children's clothing line - it is this part of my business which I am really wanting to work on growing.  At the moment I can't live off my business but it's early days yet and getting established is the hardest part. Click on the business names which are linked to my Facebook pages and have a look at what I have to offer.  Hereby ends my wee promotional plug :-)

As I was saying I've been sewing up a storm this past week.  In the midst of all my 'storming' something happened that has never happened to me in all my years of sewing - I sewed into my finger.  Yes with the sewing machine!  Just missed the nail or that would have been really bad news.  It hurt like anything and I am very thankful that no blood ended up on the dress I was sewing.  I really still have no idea how I managed it - obviously a moment's distraction.  Who knew sewing could be sew (hehe couldn't resist) dangerous.  Someone reckoned that you're not a true machinist until you've sewn your finger - having now done it I can honestly say it's a qualification I could have done without. 

On the job front the answer was thanks for applying but no - and that was quite alright with me. A relief actually.

Oh that's right last week I promised you some stats relating to my blog.

12,355 people have read my blog since I started blogging back in March.

In that time the countries where my blog has been read includes:

New Zealand
United States
United Kingdom
Also China, Poland, Philippians, Romania, and some more.

I can even tell you which browser and operating system is the most popular:

Page views by Browsers

3164 (25%)
Internet Explorer
2749 (22%)
2059 (16%)
1702 (13%)
1444 (11%)
Mobile Safari
960 (7%)
169 (1%)
46 (<1%)
25 (<1%)
12 (<1%)


Page views by Operating Systems

7193 (58%)
1518 (12%)
1421 (11%)
1388 (11%)
632 (5%)
82 (<1%)
Other Unix
59 (<1%)
21 (<1%)
Windows NT 6.1
7 (<1%)
4 (<1%)

So there you go.  If you have read my blog in the past then you are part of the statistics. 

So all in all even though last week Sunday was a hard day I have had a fantastic week - I am finding my rhythm and it's a good one.  I have many more happy moments than sad ones and I am starting to remember the happy memories rather than the sad ones.  Life is good and I am blessed daily in so many ways. The Lord continues to be my source of comfort, strength and joy.

This coming week is also going to be exciting but I'll save that for later.

Wow this post has become very long.  Congratulations if you've stuck it out to the end.

Wishing you all a blessed week.  Stay safe.


PS:  Just wanted to say - Way to go Emirates Team NZ - 2 points on the board.  Bring home the America's cup boys - but no pressure :-)

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