Thursday, 28 March 2013

So another week nearly over - where does the time go??

Tomorrow is Good Friday - the day we celebrate our Lord's death on the cross that we might have life - what a sacrifice and what a gift.

A while ago I discovered a Christian band called Casting Crowns.  They have some awesome songs but one in particular is very appropriate for Easter and I'd like to share it with you.  It is entitled 'Glorious Day' and you can find a number of versions on You Tube but I like this one as you can follow the lyrics. Here is the link if  you want to have a listen :

On the 'Roy' front there isn't a lot to report - he is keeping as active as he can and as he feels able.  The double dose of meds have taken a wee bit to get used too, but he seems to have his 'mojo' back a bit again.  He is currently still doing the overflow bags job for NZPost - but he does see the time coming when it'll be too much and so next week he is training a new person to take that on.  He is currently also still on Session and last night lead the Bible Study - he did find it a wee bit hard to get peoples attention as he is no longer able to raise his voice.

On the house front - we have dropped the price a bit and have given the agent 2 weeks to work her magic - otherwise we'll re-list with someone else.  In the meantime we are enjoying a bountiful harvest of both passionfruit and feijoas - so yummy.

We have also found a house to possibly rent - however it will be dependent on us first selling this one - so we covert your prayers in this area  :0)

We're off to Hastings for a few days of family time, I'll tell you all about it next week when we get back.  Might even have some photos to add.

Have a blessed and safe Easter.

Till next time.


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